Anna Rosner

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The award-winning author of My Left Skate: The Extraordinary Story of Eliezer Sherbatov (2022) and Journeyman: The Story of NHL Right Winger Jamie Leach (2020).

COMING in SEPTEMBER 2024: Eyes on the Ice, a middle-grade novel published by GROUNDWOOD BOOKS.

Ten-year-old Lukas and his brother Denys want nothing more than to play hockey, but it’s 1963, and they live in Czechoslovakia, where the secret police (the “Eye”) are constantly on the lookout for anyone committing crimes against the state — whether that be reading a magazine about the NHL or saying anything negative about the Communist regime. Lukas’s father works for a newspaper, and printing the truth is a dangerous activity.

The family is poor, but hockey is the one bright light for the boys. They learn to skate on a bumpy outdoor rink in a city park. And when their talent is noticed, they are encouraged to try out for a local youth league, where they are thrilled to play in a real arena for the first time.

Then the boys’ father is arrested. No one knows where he has been taken or when he might be coming home. Lukas and Denys soon realize they are being watched, too, and when the secret police promise them information about their father if they help throw a game against a visiting Soviet team, Lukas must make some difficult decisions that may endanger his family and his friends, as he faces some tough questions about what loyalty really means.


Based on extensive interviews, My Left Skate: The Extraordinary Story of Eliezer Sherbatov is a first-person biography of a teenager who had it all on the hockey rink: guts, drive and exceptional talent. When a freak accident leaves him with a permanent disability and no feeling below his left knee, everyone believes Eliezer’s career is over – everyone except his mother, a professional power skating coach. She teaches Eliezer to skate using the muscles in his upper leg, and after two and a half years of operations and rehabilitation, he returns to the rink to become one of Quebec’s elite junior players.

Still undrafted at age nineteen, Eliezer embarks on a professional career in Europe in the hopes of one day returning to the NHL. His travels lead him to France, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, and to Poland, where he lives and plays hockey just a few kilometres from the Auschwitz death camp, haunted by memories of the past. In its stunning conclusion, My Left Skate describes Eliezer’s life in Ukraine and his struggle to escape from war after Russia invades the very region in which he plays. 

My Left Skate est disponible en français! Sherbatov: le garçon qui voulait jouer au hockey can be ordered on Amazon or from Quebec bookstores everywhere.

FINALIST for the High Plains Book Award and chosen as a “Best Book” by the CCBC

Journeyman is a first-person biography of Ojibwe right winger Jamie Leach, son of the legendary NHL superstar Reggie Leach. The story follows Jamie’s fascinating hockey trajectory from his childhood years watching his father play for the Philadelphia Flyers, to his first goal in the NHL.

Journeyman touches on Jamie’s summers on Lake Winnipeg, the World Junior Hockey Championships, his life in the minor leagues, and his eventual draft into the NHL as a Pittsburgh Penguin. Discover how some of hockey’s biggest stars such as Bobby Clarke, Jaromir Jagr, and Mario Lemieux influenced Jamie’s life.

Written in close consultation with Jamie and his mother, readers will learn about the struggles Jamie conquered, including his father’s alcoholism and his own overwhelming self-doubt. A story of determination, heartbreak and perseverance.

About the Author


Anna Rosner is a Toronto teacher and author who has published essays, short-story fiction, numerous scholarly articles and the children’s biography Journeyman: The Story of NHL Right Winger Jamie Leach (Great Plains, 2020), which was selected as a “Best Book” by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and was a finalist for the High Plains Book Award. Her second book, My Left Skate (Great Plains), was published in October 2022 and was released simutaneously in French under the title Sherbatov: Le garçon qui voulait jouer au hockey (Editions Hurtubise). My Left Skate was featured in a full-page article in the National Post in December of 2022, won the Red Cedar Award in June of 2024, is a finalist for the Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Willow Award, and is a CCBC Best Book.

Anna’s third book, Eyes on the Ice, is a historical novel for readers ages 9 and up. It will be released on September 3rd, 2024.


Anna holds a PhD in Early Modern French Literature from the University of Toronto. Dedicated to promoting her love for words, Anna has taught French, English and literacy to children and adults ages five to seventy-five.

Director of Books With Wings

Anna is the director of Books with Wings (established in 2011), which provides new, quality picture books for Indigenous children who reside in isolated Canadian communities. Books with Wings has sent more than 22,500 brand-new books to kids, and is entirely volunteer-run.